Bitcoin System App Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Bitcoin System can be described as an automatic trading system that is powered by the top and secure computing technology in the marketplace. Machine training and AI utilized in this application ensure that you are able to trade successfully. With a minimum investment that is $250 you could earn the maximum amount you can. It’s an actual trading software that has never stopped receiving favorable reviews. Its intelligent algorithms make sure that you get the right trading opinion each time you make a trade.


  • 250$ Min Deposit
  • Free Demo Account
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Legitimate Software
Our Opinion

Bitcoin System is a sure method to earn money by trading on the cryptocurrency market, despite frequent changes. We assure our users of absolute security of their information, their money, and an excellent return of their money. Make sure you use this platform correctly and you’ll be glad you did.

Bitcoin System

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The speed at the rate it earns profits has led some investors believe that it’s fake, particularly with the amount of fake official websites are being circulated on the web. If you sign-up and spend some time exploring the process, you’ll discover that it’s not a fraud. We’ve given you the sign-up page to make it easy for you to registration. The amount of users who have left positive reviews indicates how authentic the platform is since its start. The majority of external tests to establish if Bitcoin System is a scam resulted in negative results. It is because there’s no test in which the software hasn’t performed well. Additionally, Bitcoin System provides a demo account that ensures its users are well-informed of trading.

Everyday, it seems that more people are making money from the market for bitcoin. If you’d like to become part of this growing community, then you’ve found the right website. The cryptocurrency market earns billions of dollars each day and participants are rewarded handsomely.

There is no need for specific skills in trading or an education on bitcoin trading to earn funds through automated trading platforms. The most important thing to do is developing a trading strategy that is automated which can profit from the bitcoin market every day.

According to the sources, Bitcoin System is an auto-trading platform that allows users to make money from the volatility of cryptocurrency. According to its creators is user-friendly and automated. We decided to test Bitcoin System since the feedback about the trading robot has been extremely positive. numerous people have said that trading using this bitcoin robot resulted in them becoming extremely rich.

We determined to determine whether they were accurate. We will examine the trading platform for anyone who is interested in enhancing other income sources.


  • Simple access with the effortless yet highly secure process of verification
  • Continuously updated to meet stringent industry standards
  • The withdrawal of funds is possible at any moment within 24 hours of deposit.
  • Customer service is available to answer any questions regarding the system’s functions.
  • It allows translation into multiple languages.


  • There may be some downtime during the time the site is being maintained
  • Unavoidable minimal risks remain in play

Recent technological advances have created a variety of digital platforms that permit users to trade in cryptocurrency and earn handsomely. These platforms help investors to make steady profits. An excellent example of the platform is the Bitcoin System. Before we get into the specifics of Bitcoin System Keep the fact that they manage everything for their customers. It is based on embedded technology to provide solutions for its customers needs in trading.

To automatize the platform it is necessary to perform some basic tasks manually. Only when you register is manual work required. Once you have registered, you do be able to complete nothing else since Bitcoin System will trade on your behalf. You’re ready to go once you’ve set up your account and verified and made a transfer.

Main Features

Type of Robot Bitcoin, CFDs
Software Cost Free
Withdrawal Fee No Fees
Platform type Web-based
Min Deposit 250$
Deposit Options Multiple Options
Countries All – Except Some
Demo Account Yes

Are you sure that Bitcoin System a scam or legitimate?

As cyber attacks on the financial sector and the cryptocurrency markets are increasing numerous traders must be skeptical of any crypto trading platform’s claims prior to putting their faith in them, or using them for trading. They have to undergo a long and complicated process to confirm the legitimacy of the platform’s claims to ensure their security. We have been given the responsibility of confirming the authenticity of Bitcoin System.

Bitcoin System appears to be real based on the high feedback. The trading system is able to trade at a lower level of risk because of the high leverage that it uses. The product is extremely profitable, as evidenced by the majority of reviews from customers on review websites. It can process transactions at a time that is unbeatable, and support for customers is quick.

We have come across several reports from people who suffered losses using this software. Following further investigation we found that the issue was theirs and not the platform’s. The bottom line is that you can rely on Bitcoin System to deliver you the goods because it’s an authorized trading outlet which can assist you. But , it requires you to take all the necessary steps.

Do I require prior knowledge to make a trade using Bitcoin System?

You don’t require even an elementary understanding of trading the market. Bitcoin System is an easy-to-use trading platform that guarantees that traders receive the promised profits on their investment. It offers a variety of ways to achieve this. It is all you need to know to operate devices that use computers, such as tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones. Also, you need to be proficient enough to read the trading manual on the platform, as well as other sources.

There’s no reason to worry about anything as the customer support team is at hand to make a difference for you. Furthermore, there’s not any chance of error since this Bitcoin System is a trading Bitcoin System is actively operated using the most advanced technology in the market. You can rest assured that the robots will perform fantastic transactions for your.

Additionally every registered user will be able to access an account with a demo account, where they can practice trading for a lifetime while learning along the way. There are also measures that are in place to protect your trades. The platform’s innovative design has options to stop any potential bad trades that you make when you are a beginner.

How do automated trading system work? And how do they function?

Automated trading systems function as a platform that allows for various automated trading of cryptocurrency takes place. They are created to help their users, traders, to access the appropriate buying and selling signals. The present economic situation and recent events around the globe have given several ways to make money online. The one method that many have gone about it is to trade in cryptocurrency.

Financial trading can be a dangerous and time-consuming task. Gathering information manually and then analysing it to come to an accurate conclusion takes an enormous amount of dedication and concentration on detail. The development of the system altered the way trade is conducted across the world.

The trading system relies on the latest technologies which are helpful when searching the market for all deals with potential buyers for the trader. The system then analyses these potential buyers using sophisticated algorithms that are embedded into the system and gives the best tips for trading that will guarantee high ROI.

Anyone can benefit from these systems to their fullest without any prior knowledge about trading. The system was designed with a variety of amazing options that can make trading profitable.

New and experienced traders alike are making profits through these platforms. One of the most recent technologies that has been added is artificial intelligence and machine learning. This makes it possible for robots to gain knowledge from the market and steer clear of impulsive moves.

Key Features of Bitcoin System:

Auto Trade Feature

It’s always a challenge for traders who are required to stay on top of the changing market. Additionally, they are prone to not take advantage of trades that could have yielded huge profits due to their hectic schedules. It is a known fact that trading involves more than just the desire to trade. You must be able to comprehend and understand the market, while also timing your trade with accuracy. But, Bitcoin System has got all of these taken care of.

The owners of Bitcoin System had an auto trade feature that was designed to work with the platform. Its main function is to complete all transactions without you involvement. It’s created to look through the various resources available to detect and analyze its findings, then trade based on the settings you have made for certain trading parameters. The software will then perform the trade, and you will earn profit without knowing about it.


The feature of payout is one of the many advantages that is part of Bitcoin System. It is only accessible to the live portion in your Bitcoin System account. It is possible to withdraw your winnings regardless of your capital. It is also possible to automate or manually completed. It is necessary to initiate an application for a withdrawal and then connect the bank account that you want to withdraw information to receive your payment.

When you start this procedure, your profits are calculated automatically. Then, the commission that is regular of a tiny portion of your profit will be taken out. Check that your information on your bank account and Bitcoin System platform are exactly the same. Once all verifications and processes are complete and the system has credited your bank account in the local area with the correct amount. It is important to note that these steps take just a few hours.

Verification System

You will be referred to a suitable broker following the registration process and you’ll be asked to provide additional information and confirm your identity. Every transaction associated with your account as well as the smart execution of trades is managed and processed by brokers who are associated through the Bitcoin System.

The regulators require that all brokers comply with a thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) process that involves identification from the government and the proof of address verification. This is among the fraud-prevention methods implemented by Bitcoin System. It blocks cyber criminals to commit criminality in the financial sector, such as money laundering through cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawals and Deposits

It is possible to manage money through the Bitcoin System platform by using the withdrawal and deposit options. Making money deposits are as easy as pressing the right buttons. Bitcoin System accepts wire transfers as well as the payment options that it was developed, which include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, and Web Pay. Through this unique mechanism, trading and buying cryptocurrency was easy.


Bitcoin System is an automated trading platform that requires no registration or licensing fees. The only portion of your funds that remains on Bitcoin System is a small commission after you’ve completed trading with profits. This review showed the way it operates and how simple the process is. As expected, a lot of people are using the trading system as well as investing in it and reaping the rewards from it.

Bitcoin System Advatanges

Advantages Brand Others
Many positive reviews and many favorable comments
Ready and Always-On Customer Support
Variety of payment options
It is easy to sign up for an account.
Verification is fast and custom
Hostility to any third-party intrusion
No need to be special educated
More people profits daily

How much money can I earn using the Bitcoin System?

Sure, earning money through the Bitcoin System is feasible and inevitable, however, you might be asking yourself, „what is the highest amount you can make?“. What if we told you that it’s infinite? Yes, it’s infinitum. However, the amount cash you make from this system of trading depends on several variables. Some of them are manageable, while you have no control over certain aspects.

The occasional shift of the market in favor or against your business is a reason. If it is to your advantage and your anticipated profits could be higher than you anticipated, whereas when it’s against you, you may be able to lose significant amounts.

Another consideration can be determined by the quantity of money that you invest. The higher the amount you invest more, the greater your potential earnings will be. You cannot anticipate to earn the same amount of money if investing between $250 or $500. The returns will differ.

Is Bitcoin System Right for You?

It is a good idea for you, unless you’re bored of earning more money. A single of the crucial assets in life is financial security. If you’re frustrated with complaining or being underpaid, then this program is the right option for you. If you’re thinking of retiring but don’t know what venture to go into, the Bitcoin system is for you. This system of automated trading is designed for people looking to achieve financial freedom.

With the Bitcoin System at your fingertip You are assured that you will earn many thousands of dollars as fast as is possible, if you take the proper actions to follow when trading in cryptocurrency. You can aid yourself by following some suggestions in this review.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Trading Speed

The cryptocurrency system is in accordance with speed and impacts. Every trade must be executed in a timely manner. Because human error doesn’t have an impact on robots that trade, they are able to quickly make trades that yield maximum results and effectiveness.

Consistency is never diminished

There’s been a huge gap between the levels of consistency in trading robots and that of human. They are built to assist users with their important trading signals and make trades for them based on certain indicators, without impacting the level of accuracy that is expected. They eliminate errors caused by emotion and, as a result you can keep your money. They never stop and can trade continuously.


Through their design, Bitcoin robots‘ functionality and processing power is unmatched by manual trading processes. They are built to be fast and efficient in executing trades for the user, and even quicker than experienced traders. They have an algorithm for timing called“the trading indicator. You can set it up to make it easier to place orders accurately and in a timely manner.

Potential Risks to be aware of when trading with Bitcoin Robots

Relying too heavily on the system

A lot of traders do not realize they are abusing the freedom they are granted by trading systems. They do not usually bother to monitor or follow-up on trades made by them. If an unavoidable event should occur. This could result in an entire and/or partial loss to the capital that was invested as well as the profit.

If a trader isn’t diligent about checking frequently on trades could be on the wrong aspect of the effects. While humans aren’t able to match the precision of these trading systems, it’s recommended to keep track of trades that are entered.

Certain market anomalies

The fluctuation of the cryptocurrency and financial market is an ever-present obstacle for all traders. Being aware of developments and happenings on the local and global scales can go a long way to avoid performing a wrong trade.

Selection Issue

Numerous trading systems are popping up every day, and it’s getting increasingly difficult for unaware traders to determine whether a system is authentic and which is a scam. It is vital to conduct careful research to find out which claims made by robots are true.

BitIQ anmeldelse Hvad vi elsker, kan lide og ikke kan lide om denne udveksling

Overvejer du at bruge BitIQ som en cryptocurrency udvekslingsplatform? Her er alt, hvad du har brug for at vide for at hjælpe dig med at træffe din beslutning.

BitIQ blev lanceret i marts 2018 og er en udveksling af kryptovalutaderivater med hovedkvarter i Singapore med kontorer i Hongkong og Taiwan. På trods af sin nylige begyndelse er stedet vært for mere end en million registrerede brugere.

Hvad er en af årsagerne til dens dramatiske stigning i popularitet? Platformen lægger primært vægt på at give erfarne handlende de værktøjer og ressourcer, de har brug for for at få succes.

Men som du vil se i denne BitIQ anmeldelse, stopper tiltrækningen ikke der. Brugere af hjemmesiden nyder også dens brugervenlige grænseflade og intuitive design.

Ikke desto mindre viser BitIQ-børsen sig at være kraftfuld og kan prale af at kunne håndtere 100.000 transaktioner pr. sekund. Og det giver evige futures med op til 100x gearing! Læs videre for at få vores fulde analyse af denne imponerende platform.

Hvad er BitIQ?

BitIQ er en af de hurtigst voksende platforme for marginhandel med kryptoderivater og fortsætter med at revolutionere den måde, folk handler med digitale valutaer på.

På grund af dens imponerende 100 TPS-kapacitet behøver du aldrig at bekymre dig om overbelastningsproblemer. Alligevel vil du stadig nyde godt af lav latenstid (kun et millisekund).

Desuden kan børsen prale af at have understøttelse på flere sprog (f.eks. kinesisk, engelsk, traditionelt kinesisk, japansk, koreansk), hvilket gør den til en populær kryptoderivatbørs i hele verden.

Der er i øjeblikket to slags kontrakter, som du kan indgå via ByBit:

  • Inverse perpetual kontrakter
  • USDT-perpetual-kontrakter
  • Med en omvendt evighedskontrakt kan en erhvervsdrivende handle med Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) og EOS. Med en omvendt evighedsaftale skal den underliggende krypto anvendes som margin for at handle respektive kontrakter.

Hvad angår USDT perpetual kontrakter? Den margin, du skal bruge, er USDT. Disse er lineære kontrakter og en fremragende rute at gå, hvis du er en nybegynder inden for handel med digital valuta.

Holdet bag BitIQ

Hvem grundlagde denne innovative tilgang til en handelsplatform? Ben Zhou er medstifter og administrerende direktør.

Udover Zhou omfatter det stiftende team banebrydende fagfolk fra valuta- og investeringsbankbranchen. Holdet kan også prale af tidlige adoptanter af blockchain samt industrientusiaster.

Dette team fortsætter med at skubbe grænserne for at tilbyde den bedste kundeoplevelse på markedet i dag. For at gøre dette er de afhængige af en ground-up tilgang og den bedste infrastruktur i klassen.

Målet? At give brugerne branchens hurtigste, mest retfærdige, sikreste og mest gennemsigtige handelsoplevelser muligt.

Unikke funktioner i BitIQ

I modsætning til nogle andre margin trading exchanges giver BitIQ forbrugerne en strømlinet tilgang til handel. Mens platformen kommer med alle de funktioner, du kunne ønske dig, opnår den en mere glat samlet oplevelse end de fleste handelsplatforme.

Hvad er nogle af de mest bemærkelsesværdige forskelle mellem BitIQ og andre platforme? De omfatter:

  • Høj gearing
  • Koncentreret udveksling til handel med høj volumen
  • Let at bruge terminal
  • Mobil app
  • Kend din kunde (KYC) ikke påkrævet
  • Bytte mønter til markedskurs
  • Afdækning

Lad os se nærmere på hver af disse funktioner, og hvad de betyder, når du handler via BitIQ.

Opinions sur Bitcoin Champion

Le bot de Bitcoin Champion a été développé pour permettre aux traders de bitcoins de réaliser des bénéfices sans que l’investisseur ne possède les tokens.
Ces dernières années, le commerce du bitcoin a connu un essor fulgurant et de plus en plus d’investisseurs y participent. Toutefois, le marché des cryptomonnaies présente une grande complexité qui empêche de nombreux traders de réaliser des bénéfices.
C’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles le bot de crypto-monnaies a été développé. Ce bot prend en charge l’ensemble du processus de trading et peut ainsi épargner à l’investisseur un certain stress qui peut souvent exister lors du trading. On trouve de très nombreux bots Bitcoin sur Internet. Le bot de Bitcoin Champion compte parmi les meilleurs et les plus performants de sa catégorie.

Bitcoin Champion – que faut-il comprendre par là ?

Bitcoin Champion est un robot de trading qui permet aux investisseurs de réaliser de gros bénéfices. Pour cela, ils n’ont pas besoin de s’efforcer d’analyser des tendances et des quantités immenses de données. Immédiatement après le dépôt minimum de 250 dollars, le bot commence à analyser le marché. Il identifie les opportunités de trading et place les transactions de manière totalement automatique.
Grâce à la précision démontrée et aux rendements élevés, les chances d’atteindre le quadruple de l’investissement en l’espace de quelques semaines augmentent considérablement. Grâce à la technologie de pointe du programme, le placement de trades lucratifs est possible.

Caractéristiques et fonctionnement


Bitcoin Champion – qui se cache derrière ce nom ?

On ne sait pas qui a créé Bitcoin Champion. Mais cela n’est pas pertinent pour ce logiciel. Les bots qui sont réellement authentiques et qui travaillent avec des algorithmes innovants sont souvent copiés par des modèles moins connus. C’est pourquoi il devrait être important pour l’investisseur de se connecter ou de s’inscrire sur le site officiel de Bitcoin Champion. La plateforme dispose d’un immense réseau de courtiers sérieux et réglementés.

###3 étapes###

Opinions sur Bitcoin Champion

Après avoir déposé de l’argent dans un logiciel automatique, je commençais à me demander si l’argent allait disparaître d’un coup ou non. Mais il en a été tout autrement, car c’est la meilleure chose que j’ai faite jusqu’à présent. Depuis longtemps, en fait depuis le moment où je me suis inscrit sur Bitcoin Champion, mon compte n’est plus dans le rouge mais dans le noir. Grâce à Bitcoin Champion, j’ai encore de l’argent disponible le mois précédent. Grâce à Bitcoin Champion, ma vie a pris un tournant positif. Je ne me soucie plus des dettes, car je n’en ai plus. Pour la première fois, je peux même économiser pour l’avenir.

Avantages et inconvénients

Entièrement automatisé : Le programme est conçu pour prendre en charge l’intégralité du trading pour l’investisseur.
Programme avancé : Bitcoin Champion est basé sur des algorithmes innovants, contrairement aux autres bots.
Assistance clientèle : le service clientèle est à la disposition des traders 24 heures sur 24. Toutes les questions sont traitées de manière experte.
L’image : Bitcoin Champion est l’un des principaux robots de trading sur le marché. Seuls des courtiers sérieux et réglementés sont utilisés.
Éprouvé : De très nombreuses évaluations d’utilisateurs vérifiables montrent un fort historique de succès.

Limitation des cryptomonnaies : Seules les crypto-monnaies les plus précieuses et les plus populaires sont disponibles pour le trading.

Conclusion :

Bitcoin Champion se révèle être un robot de trading Bitcoin très lucratif dans son utilisation. Il faut cependant toujours garder à l’esprit que le bot peut tout à fait afficher un ou deux trades perdus.
Le test du robot de cryptographie Bitcoin Champion montre qu’il est rentable. Le bot peut facilement réaliser des milliers de dollars de bénéfices en une journée, en achetant et en vendant différentes crypto-monnaies. Si vous vous rendez sur le site de Bitcoin Champion, vous pourrez lire les dernières mises à jour et être ainsi toujours au courant des dernières évolutions. Chaque trade est clôturé après très peu de temps et le suivant est immédiatement préparé. Grâce aux multiples combinaisons de trades, il est possible de réaliser un bénéfice de plus de 1000 $ en 24 heures.

L’image de Bitcoin Champion par rapport aux autres bots

Avec Bitcoin Champion, le trader dispose d’une plateforme exactement comme le souhaitent les investisseurs. En outre, le logiciel obtient de bien meilleurs résultats que les autres candidats.
C’est pourquoi Bitcoin Champion peut être recommandé sans hésitation.

Zum ersten Mal seit Mai: Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index ist neutral

Zum ersten Mal seit dem 12. Mai hat sich der gesamte Kryptowährungsmarkt aus der Angst herausbewegt und befindet sich derzeit im neutralen Bereich, so der bekannte Fear and Greed Index.

Zum ersten Mal seit dem 12. Mai befindet sich der bekannte Fear and Greed Index des Kryptowährungsmarktes in der neutralen Zone. Davor befand er sich in einem anhaltenden Zustand der Angst oder extremer Angst.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index geht in den neutralen Bereich

Es versteht sich von selbst, dass der Markt für Kryptowährungen (wie auch andere Märkte) besonders emotional ist. Wenn die Preise steigen, neigen die Menschen dazu, gierig zu werden, und umgekehrt: Wenn die Märkte zu fallen beginnen, werden sie ängstlich.

Die Marktstimmung ist ein unglaublich wichtiger Faktor, den man bei Investitions- oder Handelsentscheidungen im Auge behalten sollte. Bitcoin Gold kaufen per Kreditkarte ist absolut im Bereich des möglichen.

Ein Tool, das die aktuelle Stimmung auf dem Kryptowährungsmarkt misst, ist der Fear and Greed Index. Er misst Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen, zu denen Volatilität, Marktdynamik und -volumen, soziale Medien, Umfragen, Dominanz und Trends gehören.

Zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Artikels befindet sich der Index in einem neutralen Zustand, was seit dem 12. Mai dieses Jahres nicht mehr der Fall war. Seit diesem Datum ist die vorherrschende Stimmung entweder Angst oder extreme Angst, was sich durch die sinkenden Preise, die allgemeine Stagnation und die Unentschlossenheit erklären lässt.

Was bedeutet das für den Bitcoin-Preis?

Zunächst einmal ist es wichtig zu beachten, dass der Fear and Greed Index die Stimmung auf dem gesamten Kryptowährungsmarkt misst und nicht nur auf Bitcoin. In Anbetracht der Dominanz von BTC und der Tendenz, dass es das Gesamttempo der Branche diktiert, ist es jedoch vielleicht vernünftig anzunehmen, dass ein großer Teil davon vom Bitcoin-Preis diktiert wird.

Vor diesem Hintergrund ist die Marktstimmung derzeit neutral, was ein Zeichen für Unentschlossenheit ist. Mit anderen Worten: Der Index zeigt, dass die Anleger immer noch auf der Suche nach einer klaren Richtung sind.

Wie CryptoPotato kürzlich berichtete, steht BTC immer noch vor einem ernsthaften Widerstand bei der 40.500 $-Marke. Dort treffen technische Indikatoren wie das bärische Fib-Level von 0,382 und der gleitende 100-Tage-Durchschnitt zusammen. Dies ist das erste unmittelbare Hindernis für die Kryptowährung.

Was den Index selbst betrifft, so signalisiert ein Zustand extremer Angst in der Regel eine gute Kaufgelegenheit, und wenn er sich in einem Zustand extremer Gier befindet, ist es normalerweise Zeit zu verkaufen. Wenn er jedoch neutral ist, ist es vielleicht am besten, auf Richtungsbestätigungen zu warten.

Cena referencyjna akcji COIN Coinbase wynosi zaledwie 250 USD, ponieważ 1700 pracowników otrzyma bezpłatne akcje

Cena referencyjna Coinbase w wysokości 250 USD, otrzymana przed bezpośrednim wejściem na giełdę Nasdaq, wycenia prezent z podziękowaniem dla wszystkich 1700 pełnoetatowych pracowników na 25 000 USD.

Akcje COIN na głównej giełdzie amerykańskiej Coinbase otrzymały referencyjną cenę 250 USD od Nasdaq przed długo oczekiwanym bezpośrednim wejściem na giełdę za kilka godzin

Cena jest znacznie niższa od obecnej ceny FTX przed transakcją, która wynosi 600 USD, aczkolwiek przy niewielkim 24-godzinnym wolumenie poniżej 4 milionów USD.

Giełda zostaje upubliczniona w drodze bezpośredniego notowania zamiast pierwszej oferty publicznej, co oznacza, że ​​cena referencyjna nie jest bezpośrednim wskaźnikiem kapitalizacji rynkowej spółki. Oznacza to po prostu wycenę na 65 miliardów dolarów, czyli poniżej innych szacunków, wahających się od 68 do 120 miliardów dolarów.

W komunikacie Nasdaq stwierdzono, że cena referencyjna, która odzwierciedla przeszłe transakcje, ale została ustalona w drodze konsultacji z doradcami finansowymi Coinbase, została utworzona ze względu na fakt, że „COIN nie miał ostatnio trwałego obrotu na rynku ofert prywatnych”.

Cena referencyjna nie odzwierciedla ceny otwarcia, w ogłoszeniu wyraźnie zaznaczono:

„Należy pamiętać, że cena referencyjna NIE jest ceną ofertową i nikt nie kupił ani nie sprzedał akcji po tej cenie. Otwarta cena publiczna zostanie ustalona na podstawie zleceń kupna i sprzedaży z aukcji otwarcia na Nasdaq. ”

To pierwszy znaczący bezpośredni wpis na giełdzie Nasdaq. Według CNBC , w „pięciu znaczących bezpośrednich notowaniach giełdowych w Nowym Jorku – Spotify, Slack, Palantir, Asana i Roblox – cena otwarcia była średnio o około 37% wyższa od ceny referencyjnej”. Podążając za tym trendem, cena otwarcia Coinbase przekroczyłaby 340 USD, a wycena wyniosłaby około 90 miliardów USD.

Cena rynkowa mogłaby przepięciami nawet wyższe z Coinbase wstępnie notowań kontraktu CBSE obecnie notowany około 600 $ na giełdzie FTX, reprezentujący premię 140% powyżej kursu odniesienia. Innym wskaźnikiem sugerującym dobry pierwszy dzień było sprawozdanie finansowe za pierwszy kwartał 2021 r. , Które sugerowało, że przychody wzrosły do ​​1,8 miliarda dolarów , przynosząc dochód netto do 800 milionów dolarów, co stanowi wzrost z 32 milionów dolarów odnotowanych w tym samym okresie ubiegłego roku.

W okresie poprzedzającym notowanie na Nasdaq, Coinbase zaskoczyło wszystkich 1700 pełnoetatowych pracowników, dając im po 100 akcji o wartości 25 000 USD przy aktualnej cenie referencyjnej. Prezent z podziękowaniem z 25 marca to dotacja bez zobowiązań, co oznacza, że ​​mogą je sprzedać natychmiast po opublikowaniu oferty jutro.

Akcje te stanowią uzupełnienie 105.510 opcji na akcje przyznanych pracownikom irlandzkiego oddziału Coinbase w ostatnich latach.

Ripple is in trouble with US authorities – but business in Asia is going well

Ripple may be in trouble with US authorities – but business in Asia is surprisingly good

Ripple, the blockchain-based payments company, is in trouble with US authorities. However, it says its Asian business is not affected.

Ripple is successful

Payments firm Ripple claims it has not experienced any adverse circumstances in the Asia-Pacific region despite being pursued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ripple was charged by the SEC last year in connection with alleged securities fraud related to the sale of XRP tokens. Its founders, Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse, were also named in the indictment for allegedly selling over $700 million of the tokens for personal gain.

The December 2020 lawsuit further alleges that Ripple indulged in token manipulation, selling unlicensed securities, paying according to Bitcoin Up for listings on crypto exchanges and paying for „bogus“ partnerships with several of its „partner“ companies.

But despite all the allegations, Ripple (To buy Ripple with Paypal guide) maintains that its business in Asia is largely unaffected.

„It (the lawsuit) has hampered operations in the United States, but it doesn’t really impact what’s going on for us in the Asia-Pacific region,“ CEO Garlinghouse said. He cited „regulatory clarity“ as the main reason for continued activity in Asia and Japan.

Garlinghouse adds that he is not aware of any crypto exchange outside the United States that has stopped XRP trading. „XRP is traded on over 200 exchanges around the world. It’s really only three or four exchanges in the United States that have stopped trading,“ he said.


„We see XRP liquidity activity growing outside the United States and in Asia, certainly in Japan further.“

US an „obstacle“

The Ripple co-founder had previously said that US regulators were cracking down on the crypto market and losing ground to countries in the Far East – which have decidedly fast blockchain and crypto policies and are attracting both funds and talent to the region.

Garlinghouse echoed these thoughts on Thursday, saying that US regulations are a „barrier“ to innovation. He added that Ripple (Go to Buy Ripple Guide) has signed more than 15 new agreements with banks around the world since the SEC filed its lawsuit.

The US case remains on track for a hearing in August 2021. Garlinghouse has been largely silent on the issue, but claimed in January that the SEC’s „unsubstantiated allegations“ were not representative of the Ripple business or the way XRP tokens are handled.

MicroStrategy just bought another $ 10 million in BTC for its $ billion in Bitcoin holdings

They say dips are there to buy – and that’s apparently the approach taken by a NASDAQ-listed software company. Its CEO Michael Saylor tweeted that his company, MicroStrategy, had just spent $ 10 million to buy 314 additional Bitcoin ( read the Buy Bitcoin cheaply guide ).

Form 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirms this latest purchase. It also includes a summary of the company’s overall Bitcoin position.

Based on this information, MicroStrategy currently has earnings of $ 1.2 billion, which translates into a return of approximately + 104%.

„As of January 22, 2021, the company holds approximately 70,784 bitcoins that were purchased for a total purchase price of $ 1,135 billion and an average purchase price of approximately $ 16,035 per bitcoin, including fees and charges.“

MicroStrategy has become something of a beacon for institutional Bitcoin adoption. The company has been buying BTC as an inflation hedge since September last year.

Bitcoin FUD scares the market

In the past 24 hours or so the bears have been rampaging. Tremendous selling pressure caused the Bitcoin price to drop to as low as $ 28.6k. But a rebound at that level in the early hours rekindled hopes of recovery.

Observers have attributed the slump to several events this week . But perhaps most noticeable is the „Double-Spend Bitcoin“ FUD that has been making the rounds.

As the name suggests, double-spending refers to a potential issue where two recipients can spend the same BTC. This calls into question the validity and security of the blockchain.

It started mid-week when BitMEX Research tweeted the discovery of what appeared to be a small „double spend“.

“Today there was a stale bitcoin block for 666,833. SlushPool beat F2Pool in one race. It appears that a small double donation of around 0.00062063 BTC ($ 21) has been discovered. “

Following this, several outlets began to stir up the FUD flames. Terms like „critical bug“ or „terrible scenario“ did little to help the cause – which ultimately led to a Twitter meltdown.

There was no double issue

Since then, further research has shown that there was no double donation. BitMEX Research later tweeted that it was a replace-by-fee (RBF) transaction.

What Happened: Someone sent 0.00062063 BTC but set the lowest possible fee. Because the fee was so low, it took a long time for the transaction to be confirmed. Then, to speed up the process, the sender tried to advance the original transaction with an RBF.

At this point, however, the network had already confirmed the original transaction.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino explained the problem as a brief disruption during the chain reorganization. But there was no security breach as the upstream RBF transaction with the going down chain became invalid.

“What actually happened is that two blocks were mined at the same time. As a result, the chain was reorganized, which did not result in a double spend. “

So when you take that into account, the supposed problem wasn’t at all.

Más del 31% de la gente en América Latina quiere invertir en Bitcoin

Casi 1 de cada 3 personas en América Latina tiene un fuerte interés en las criptocurrencias. Pero muchos no invertirán hasta que realmente las entiendan.

A pesar de ser una región subdesarrollada, América Latina es un ejemplo para todo el mundo en lo que respecta a la adopción, el comercio y el interés por las criptodivisas.

Una encuesta reciente reveló que más del 30% de los latinos están interesados en invertir en cripto moneda, ya sea para aumentar su riqueza o al menos para mantener su valor en tiempos de inestabilidad económica.

El estudio, comisionado por Sherlock Communications, incluye una encuesta a más de 2.200 personas en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y México para entender sus actitudes hacia las criptodivisas y otros activos digitales.

América Latina ama las cripto monedas… pero primero la gente quiere entenderlas

Según los resultados compartidos, entre el 31% y el 39% de los encuestados de los cuatro países participantes dijeron que estaban „mucho más interesados“ en invertir en Bitcoin después de experimentar las consecuencias de la pandemia de COVID-19. En comparación, entre otro 35% y 51% de los encuestados dijeron que estaban „un poco más interesados“ ahora. Sin embargo, la mayoría de la gente no invierte en Bitcoin o en cualquier otra criptografía porque no tienen suficientes conocimientos sobre los activos digitales.

Los encuestados perciben una brecha significativa en la región en cuanto a la adopción de criptografía y condiciones legales favorables. Argentina encabeza esta visión pesimista, ya que más de la mitad de la población percibe que el país se está quedando atrás en comparación con otras naciones

Otros países -como Brasil y Colombia- sienten que „están progresando“ en esta área. Este fue el segundo más popular con el 28% del total de respuestas.

Otro hecho interesante es que la mayoría de los encuestados (43% – 51%) están de acuerdo en que las criptodivisas facilitarán eventualmente el intercambio de dinero a nivel internacional, y un segmento ligeramente más pequeño (32% – 46%) cree que estas tecnologías reemplazarán eventualmente a las monedas fiduciarias.

Por otra parte, Bitcoin se destacó como la criptodivisa más conocida de la región, con un reconocimiento del 86% al 92%. Muy por detrás, Ethereum fue el segundo nombre más popular de la lista, con sólo un 26% a 29% de reconocimiento dependiendo del país.

Esto es bueno para Bitcoin y la cadena de bloques en general

La situación político-financiera de América Latina es perfecta no sólo para Bitcoin y otros tipos de cripturas, sino también para el aumento de las aplicaciones descentralizadas. Colombia, Perú, Chile y Brasil están experimentando ahora mismo con el uso de soluciones basadas en cadenas de bloques para optimizar su sistema administrativo, haciéndolo resistente a la corrupción. Por otro lado, Venezuela y Colombia lideran el mundo a lo largo de Rusia en términos de comercio P2P y adopción.

Para Luiz Hadad, un popular consultor de cadenas de bloques en América Latina, América Latina es un gran caso de estudio para aquellos interesados en desarrollar soluciones descentralizadas para muchos problemas macro y el estudio es un reflejo de esta realidad:

Estos resultados son alentadores para las criptocracias y las aplicaciones basadas en cadenas de bloques que se quieren lanzar en América Latina, y para los latinoamericanos que están sintiendo los efectos de la actual crisis económica. La falta de confianza en los gobiernos, la inestabilidad económica, la inflación, el deseo de transparencia, millones de personas sin bancos o económicamente desatendidas. Nombra el problema que la cadena de bloqueo está tratando de resolver: Lo tenemos aquí

América Latina es una región muy heterogénea, con diversas culturas y sistemas políticos, pero parece que no importa lo diferente que piensen las personas, cada día hay más ojos que se dirigen a Bitcoin y a la cripto-revolución. Y a Bitcoin no le importan las nacionalidades.

Can’t spend crypto? Redditor sells moon tokens for rent

A Reddit user sold his moons to pay his rent.

A Reddit user named „satoshinakamoto7“ claims he used his free MOON tokens to pay his rent for this month. This is another sign that cryptocurrencies are starting to add real value to people.

In a post on Tuesday , satoshinakamoto7 said he used up all of his cash savings and gold during the pandemic as he was out of work for 10 months. Then he remembered that Bitcoin Evolution still had over 14,000 moons.

The user stated:

„I’ve been wondering what to do about the rent for a week. And just remembered that I had over 14,000 moons here in r / Cryptocurrency. Sold them and paid my rent. It was like It took a load off my heart. I can hardly find the right words for this feeling. “

At the time of going to press, the post had over 600 comments and 96 percent upvotes.

The user did not specify how he sold the moons or for how much. But as we reported in one of our Reddit articles , it is very likely that these were sold on one of the secondary markets, possibly via the xDai blockchain. Although a Moon on Coingecko is currently worth around $ 0.012, the user could have made a higher price in secondary markets.

„I am grateful to this sub who tolerated my contributions,“ said satoshinakamoto7. „You all gave me a roof over my head for a month! I am so grateful!“

Moon is the official token of the r / Cryptocurrency subreddit, in which everything about crypto and blockchain is discussed. The token rewards users who are active with posts and other contributions in the community.

The r / CryptoCurrency community was founded on March 11, 2013 and has more than 1.2 million users. To date, over 48 million moons have been given out as rewards.

SkyBridge lanserer offisielt sitt Bitcoin-fond med $ 310 millioner posisjonSkyBright

New York-baserte globale investeringsselskap SkyBridge Capital kunngjorde i dag at det hadde startet sitt Bitcoin Fund med 310 millioner dollar i forvaltningskapital (AUM).

Hedgefondforvalteren grunnlagt av den tidligere kommunikasjonsdirektøren i Det hvite hus, Anthony Scaramucci, er for tiden det nyeste fondforvaltningsselskapet som tilbyr institusjonelle investorer eksponering for bitcoin via et Bitcoin-fond.

SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund blir sådd med 310 millioner dollar i eiendeler som angivelig er hentet fra firmaets flaggskipfond på 3 milliarder dollar

I en kommentar til den siste utviklingen sa SkyBridge-grunnlegger og administrerende partner Anthony Scaramucci til Reuters: «Tenk deg hver modellportefølje der gull har blitt en akseptert aktivaklasse, hver modellportefølje har en 1% eksponering for bitcoin, og du kan se størrelsen på hvor bitcoin kunne vært.“

SkyBridges omfavnelse av bitcoin kom av den nylige bitcoin-prisstigningen sammen med andre kryptoaktiva. Toppkryptovalutaen har hatt en økende oppadgående trend og hadde til og med satt en ny heltidshøyde for seg selv da den krysset terskelverdiene på $ 34.000 på søndag.

Bortsett fra den nylige prisøkningen, går SkyBridge også inn for fortjenesten. Data fra Hedge Fund Research (HFR) – et bransjesporingsfirma, avslører at kryptovaluta-fokuserte fond bare i november ga 52% fortjeneste, som er omtrent% 156 i 2020.

I følge HFR-president Kenneth Heinz, har fortjeneste på hedgefond tiltrukket investorer oppmerksomhet, sa han:

„Etter å ha lagt sterke gevinster gjennom det urolige 2020, øker investorene aktivt eksponeringen mot hedgefond, inkludert kryptovalutastrategier.“

SkyBridge håper å få tak i en andel av markedet utenfor Grayscales Bitcoin Trust, som for tiden har 17,5 milliarder dollar i eiendeler under forvaltning.