Can’t spend crypto? Redditor sells moon tokens for rent

A Reddit user sold his moons to pay his rent.

A Reddit user named „satoshinakamoto7“ claims he used his free MOON tokens to pay his rent for this month. This is another sign that cryptocurrencies are starting to add real value to people.

In a post on Tuesday , satoshinakamoto7 said he used up all of his cash savings and gold during the pandemic as he was out of work for 10 months. Then he remembered that Bitcoin Evolution still had over 14,000 moons.

The user stated:

„I’ve been wondering what to do about the rent for a week. And just remembered that I had over 14,000 moons here in r / Cryptocurrency. Sold them and paid my rent. It was like It took a load off my heart. I can hardly find the right words for this feeling. “

At the time of going to press, the post had over 600 comments and 96 percent upvotes.

The user did not specify how he sold the moons or for how much. But as we reported in one of our Reddit articles , it is very likely that these were sold on one of the secondary markets, possibly via the xDai blockchain. Although a Moon on Coingecko is currently worth around $ 0.012, the user could have made a higher price in secondary markets.

„I am grateful to this sub who tolerated my contributions,“ said satoshinakamoto7. „You all gave me a roof over my head for a month! I am so grateful!“

Moon is the official token of the r / Cryptocurrency subreddit, in which everything about crypto and blockchain is discussed. The token rewards users who are active with posts and other contributions in the community.

The r / CryptoCurrency community was founded on March 11, 2013 and has more than 1.2 million users. To date, over 48 million moons have been given out as rewards.