Grayscale confirms increased investor interest in Ethereum

The assertiveness of Ethereum is convincing more and more investors.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) has made cryptocurrencies palatable to many investors, with Ethereum crypto ether ( ETH ) increasingly benefiting from this attention, as the asset management company Grayscale believes.

Accordingly, Grayscale’s Managing Director Michael Sonnenshein stated in an interview with Bloomberg that his wealth management company saw a significant increase in investors investing exclusively in Ethereum in 2020. This, in turn, shows that the crypto project is not only of interest to programmers.

To that end he said:

“In the course of 2020 we will see a new group of investors who specialize in Ethereum or even invest exclusively in Ethereum. […] The optimism about Ethereum as a financial product is growing noticeably. “

Grayscale manages a number of mutual funds that give investors direct access to the crypto market. Although Grayscale’s Bitcoin mutual fund continues to be the most popular crypto product in asset management, the Ethereum mutual fund has recently seen a sharp increase in new investment capital.

In the third quarter, for example, $ 15.6 million per week flowed into the Grayscale Ethereum Trust , while investments in the much larger Bitcoin Trust amount to $ 55.3 million per week

The strength of these numbers is made all the more apparent by the fact that the entirety of Grayscale’s crypto mutual funds posted record numbers in October .

As Grayscale had already announced this week , the Ethereum mutual fund will switch to a nine-for-one split on December 17th to make it even more attractive for investors. All investors who bought into the mutual fund by December 14th will receive eight additional shares for each share they already own as part of this changeover.

An important reason for the increasing popularity of Ethereum could be the current hype about decentralized financial services (DeFi), which are predominantly based on the Ethereum blockchain. Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Mike McGlone confirms that Ethereum is the market leader so far in the burgeoning sector.

Ether has gained 335% in the current year, but the current price is still below half of the previous record high.

Sonnenshein is nonetheless convinced that the smart contract platform “has the same assertiveness as Bitcoin”.